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Interpretive Consultations, Inc. Risk Communication and Environmental Education Services

Doctor Rock is Risk Communicator for HPMC Hanford Occupational Medical Services. 

L.B. Sandy Rock, MD, MPH ,


Who needs the services and what are they? 
    Who: Public agencies, utilities and private industries and organizations that face increasing challenges in working with the public on issues of risks to human health and safety. Public officials and scientists who lack experience in risk communication. Anyone needing facilitation or enhanced discussion of environmental issues: global climate change; air, water, soil pollution; toxic substance and radiation exposures and health effects; woodsmoke hazards; PBT's; noise issues (e.g. leafblowers).

What is Risk Communication? 
    Risk Communication (RC) is a "science-based approach for communicating effectively in high-concern, low-trust, high-stress, emotionally-charged and/or controversial situations." [Covello] Effective RC explains, researches, teaches, and assists in the methodology and practice of human health risk dialogue between the exposed (potential, perceived, or actual) individual or community and the industry/agency/organization responsible for the exposure and/or for assessing and/or ameliorating it.

Health Risk Communication and Dialogue services for your agency, organization, or industry. Doctor L.B. Sandy Rock is a Public and Environmental Health Physician experienced in risk communication and dialogue with individuals and communities which have been or may have been exposed to toxic substances.

Doctor Rock can provide:

  • Assistance and consultation with public relations staff.
  • Recommendations for workable meetings with the public in an environment that meets the needs of all parties.
  • Presentations on risk communication/dialogue to help staff with the public and the media when a health and safety issue arises.
    • Attendance at public meetings to assist with health risk dialogue.

      Please contact us for your risk communication needs: 
      (425) 260-4051


Doctor Rock is also Adjunct Professor of Environmental Science and Regional Planning division of Washington State University (TriCities) where he teaches Risk Communication. He has also taught Environmental Health at Bellevue Community College (Bellevue, WA), among other courses*. *Environmental Science and Cell Biology 10/19/07

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